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Atlanta Peach Cup
Atlanta Peach Cup @ Georgia Soccer Park
Jul 15 all-day
Atlanta Peach Cup @ Georgia Soccer Park | Atlanta | Georgia | United States
It’s Peach Cup Time! The tournament will include hurling, football, camogie and the youth. The games will follow an 11-a-side format. Confirmed teams include: HURLING: ATLANTA, KNOXVILLE, AUGUSTA, GREENVILLE, NASHVILLE FOOTBALL: ATLANTA, MEMPHIS, SOUTH FLORIDA[...]
Timmy Cronin Senior Memorial Cup
Timmy Cronin Senior Memorial Cup @ Wake Forest University
Jul 15 all-day
Timmy Cronin Senior Memorial Cup @ Wake Forest University | Winston-Salem | North Carolina | United States
Teams from Charlotte, Raleigh and DC (Michael Collins) take part in an all day TCSM Cup 2017 competition with Winston Salem.
Gorge Cup Tournament
Gorge Cup Tournament @ Westmoreland Park
Jul 22 all-day
The 2017 Gorge Cup for Hurling and Gaelic Football. Clubs from Portland, Seattle, Tacoma and Montana will be competing for a trophy in each code. Matches start at 10 AM and continue through the day.
Rumble in the Rockies
Rumble in the Rockies @ Lowry Sports Complex
Jul 22 all-day
Rumble in the Rockies @ Lowry Sports Complex | Denver | Colorado | United States
This tournament is primarily a competition for the clubs of the Southwest Division. That being said we will invite a few select teams from neighboring divisions to round out the competition across all codes and[...]
CYC – National Youth Championships
CYC – National Youth Championships @ West Seneca Soccer Complex
Jul 27 – Jul 30 all-day
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