The USGAA partners with Munster Games, the GAA Central Council, and the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs to organize, coordinate, educate and build coaching capacity throughout the USGAA.

Games Development Personnel

Games Development Committee (GDC)

The USGAA GDC is responsible for the overall delivery of the USGAA Games Development Program. The committee consists of:

  • USGAA Chairperson: Gareth Fitzsimmons
  • USGAA Vice Chairperson: Bernie Connaughton
  • USGAA Youth Officer: Liam Hegarty
  • Games Development Officer: Robert Tierney

Games Development Administrators (GDA)

The role of the GDA is that of organizer, coordinator, educator as well as a coach. Flexibility and mobility are very important as the GDA continues to support the large volunteer sector working on the ground. While GDA’s work primarily within their respective divisions at times they assist with event/activities in other divisions and on behalf of the USGAA Development Committee.

GDA’s work can be categorized under one or more of the following Key Areas

  • Area 1 – Games Opportunities (Child)
  • Area 1 – Games Opportunities (Youth)
  • Area 2 – School Initiatives
  • Area 3 – Camps
  • Area 4 – Talent Academies
  • Area 5 – Learning & Development

Based in four of USGAA’s ten divisions, GDA’s are responsible for:

  • Club Development (Admin & Planning)
  • Schools Initiatives
  • Academies – Elite Players
  • Camp Programme
  • Go Games Blitzes/Leagues
  • Super Touch Blitzes/Leagues
  • Skills Tests
  • Adult Club Development
  • Linking Youth Clubs with Adult Clubs
  • Coach and Referee Education
  • Planning and Reporting (MIS & TMS)
  • Promotion & Publicity

The 2016-17 GDA’s are:

Games Development Officer (GDO)

The USGAA Games Development Officer is responsible for coordinating games development within the country. Among their duties are:

  • Managing the GDA program
  • Managing the pilot USGAA Project Fund
  • Managing the Global Games Development Fund
  • Managing development finances and budgets
  • Liaising with the Coach tutor leader
  • Liaising with the USGAA Referee Administrator
  • Facilitating development throughout the country

For further details contact Robert Tierney  | 412-478-2799

Coach Tutor Leader

Liaising between our divisional development committees, national coach tutors and games development, the coach tutor is responsible for directing Coach Tutor strategy throughout the country along with Games Development Committee.

For more information, contact: Terry Lynch at

Project Support

Pilot USGAA Project Fund

Recognizing the many excellent development initiatives that are happening throughout the country, we are pleased to announce the pilot USGAA Project Fund.

In 2017, there are funds available to support staffing of development projects throughout the following divisions:


Applications are sent from your clubs to your development committee and then onto the USGAA Games Development Committee for review
Once approved funds will be released to your division for disbursement
Any funding the club or division does not use for that project must be returned to the USGAA Games Development
Every supported project will require a report to be filed with your Divisional Development Committee and forwarded to USGAA Games Development Committee
There is no closing date for applications for the pilot USGAA Project Fund, but an early application is advisable.

For more information, and to get an application, contact the Games Development Officer:

Global Games Development Fund 2017

Since 2013, through the Global Games Development Fund, the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade and the GAA have provided financial support for developmental projects and initiatives in GAA clubs across Asia, Australasia, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South America.

The Global Games Development Fund is co-funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade’s Emigrant Support Programme and the GAA. The Fund provides financial support specifically for projects and initiatives that increase or improve opportunities for the Irish Diaspora and other communities abroad to play Gaelic Games. Through the provision of financial assistance, it is the aim of the Fund to support the Irish Diaspora and strengthen Irish networks and Irish identity internationally.

Over the past three years, more than 80 projects have received funding through the Global Games Development Fund. The projects are varied and reflect the needs of the Irish Diaspora and GAA in a particular area or region.

Some projects are one-off events; others have activities lasting the course of a year. All have been truly inspirational and beneficial. Check out the video below for a flavor of one of the projects undertaken in Melbourne, Australia.

In November every year, the GAA issue an Open Call seeking applications for funding from Clubs and units that intend to run a developmental project or initiative during the following calendar year.

This year the Global Games Development Fund has been expanded to include the Southeast and Southwest divisions of USGAA.

The closing date for applications is February 17, 2017. Clubs submit applications or the SE or SW Divisional boards to the Games Development committee (, reviewed, and then submitted for consideration to Development in Croke Park.


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