USGAA History.

Hurling and Gaelic football have been played in North America ever since Irish immigrants began landing on North American shores. The earliest games of hurling in North America were played in St. John’s, Newfoundland in 1788, and there are records of football being played in Hyde Park (now the site of the Civic Center) in San Francisco as early as the 1850s. There are established clubs in the cities that traditionally have a large Irish population, such as New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Boston.

When the North American county board was formed it included Canadian clubs in its area of control. However these clubs are now under the control of the Canadian county board.

In recent years, hurling has started to enjoy support in several other U.S. cities, as evidenced by the establishment of the Milwaukee Hurling Club in 1995 and later the Twin Cities Hurling Club (MN). Other clubs include the Indianapolis Hurling Club, the St. Louis Gaelic Athletic Club, the Denver Gaels, the Greenville Gaels, the Orlando Hurling Club and the Seattle Gaels. Hurling is also starting to gather support at the club level at some universities, such as at Purdue University and Stanford University since 2005, California State University, Monterey Bay since 2006, and UC Berkeley since 2008.

Interest in Gaelic Football has also developed amongst universities in America. Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia is the first school to have an officially recognized program after running independently since 2011. Boston College’s program has been running since 2011, while two other Philadelphia-area institutions, Villanova University and Drexel University, hope to launch club programs soon.

As of 2017 more than 51% of registered players in the United States were born here. This number is an underestimation as many clubs do not register all players that select to play only local games.

Video Review: 2016 USGAA Finals

USGAA Finals

Each year on Labor Day weekend, the USGAA holds a championship between the clubs in all U.S. cities where there are GAA-affiliated clubs (except for New York city). Playoffs are held between the Gaelic football, hurling and camogie champions of the different regions in the United States, to determine the USGAA champions.

  • 2017 San Francisco
  • 2016 Seattle
  • 2015 Chicago
  • 2014 Boston
  • 2013 Cleveland
  • 2012 Philadelphia
  • 2011 San Francisco
  • 2010 Chicago
  • 2009 Boston
  • 2008 Boston
  • 2007 Chicago
  • 2006 Philadelphia
  • 2005 Philadelphia
  • 2004 Denver
  • 2003 Boston
  • 2002 Chicago
  • 2001 San Francisco
  • 2000 Boston
  • 1999 Chicago
  • 1998 Rockville, MD (near Washington DC)
  • 1997 San Francisco
  • 1996 Boston

The Continental Youth Championships

The Continental Youth Championship (CYC) began in 2004. This is an annual weekend tournament that takes place in various cities from year to year. It involves under age teams from all three of the GAA jurisdictions in North America playing football, hurling, ladies’ football, and camogie at all ages from Under 8 to Under 18.

  • 2017 Buffalo
  • 2016 Chicago
  • 2015 San Francisco
  • 2014 – New York
  • 2013 – Philadelphia
  • 2012 – Chicago
  • 2011 – Boston
  • 2010 – New York
  • 2009 – San Francisco
  • 2008 – Philadelphia
  • 2007 – Chicago
  • 2006 – Boston
  • 2005 – San Francisco
  • 2004 – New York