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Our Story Reviewed


In 1993, the NACB formed a History Committee, whose task was two-fold:

    1. Document Gaelic Games activities within the US since the formation of the NACB in 1959.  This would include official records such as Divisional Board Officers, Clubs competing in each Division, Winners of each Divisional Championship and the NACB Champions;
    2. Where possible, trace the history of Gaelic Games in each Division or City, pre-dating the formation of the NACB.

The result was the launch of a book which contained over 200-pages of historical information, including photo’s and other material.

The Committee included:

Anne Ward   (Philadelphia)                                                         Noreen McKiernan   (San Francisco)

Chris Murray   (Detroit)                                                               Owen Treacy   (Philadelphia)

Dan O’Kennedy   (Detroit)                                                          Sean Gannon   (Cleveland)

Howard Elbert   (Pittsburgh)                                                     Sean Harte   (Toronto) 

John Hehir   (Boston)                                                                    Tom Farrelly   (Philadelphia)

John O’Brien   (Cleveland)                                                         Tom Nolan   (Los Angeles)

Liam McKenna   (Fort Lauderdale)                                         Tom O’Donoghue   (Pittsburgh)

Liam O’Brien   (Chicago)


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