2017 Western Divisional Championship Schedule

by Jun 30, 2017Division News, Gaelic Football, Hurling, Ladies Football

The 2017 San Francisco championship is under way with clubs competing against each other all summer long in mens and ladies football and hurling.
Sunday June 18th:
10:00am:    Senior Mens Football       YISB   v  Ulster
11:20am:    Senior Mens Football       Boru-Celts  v Sean Treacys
12:40pm:   Junior A Mens Football     Ulster  v  Cusacks
2:00pm:     Junior A Mens Football     Sean Treacys   v  YISB
3:20pm:     Senior Hurling                    Na Fianna  v Tipperary
4:40pm:     Junior B Mens Football     Boru-Celts  v  New Team
Sunday June 25th:
10:00am:   Junior B Mens Football  Eire Og   v   New Team
11:20am:   Junior Ladies Football   Clan na Gael   v   Fog City
12:40pm:   Senior Hurling:               Naomh Padraig  v  Na Fianna
2:00pm:    Senior Mens Football      Boru-Celts  v    YISB
3:20pm:    Senior Mens Football      Ulster    v    Sean Treacys
4:40pm:    Junior Hurling:                 Na Fianna   v   Tipperary
Saturday July 8th:
2:00pm:   Junior B Mens Football  Cusacks  v  Sean Treacys
3:20pm:   Junior Hurling                 Naomh Padraig  v  Na Fianna
4:40pm:   Mens Senior Football    YISB  v  Sean Treacys
Sunday July 9th:   
10:00am:    Junior B Mens Football      Eire Og   v    Boru-Celts
11:20am:    Junior Hurling                      St. Josephs   v   Tipperary
12:40pm:   Senior Mens Football         Boru-Celts   v  Ulster
2:00pm:     Senior Hurling                      Naomh Padraig  v  Tipperary
3:20pm:     Junior A Mens Football      Ulster     v    YISB
Sunday July 16th:
10:00am:     Junior Ladies Football      Fog City  v  Clan na Gael
11:20am:    Junior B Mens Football     Eire Og  v New Team
12:40pm:    Senior Hurling                    Na Fianna  v  Tipperary
2:00pm:       Junior Hurling                    St. Josephs   v  Naomh Padraig
3:20pm:      Senior Mens Football        Boru-Celts  v Sean Treacys
4:40pm:      Senior Mens Football        Ulster  v  YISB
Saturday July 22nd:
2:00pm:    Junior A Mens Football        Ulster  v   Sean Treacys
3:20pm:    Junior Ladies Football          Fog City  v  Clan na Gael
4:40pm:    Senior Mens Football          Sean Treacys    v  Ulster
Sunday July 23rd:  
10:00am:    Junior A Mens Football      Cusacks   v   YISB
11:20am:    Junior B  Mens Football     Boru-Celts  v    New Team
12:40pm:    Senior Hurling                     Naomh Padraig  v  Tipperary
2:00pm:      Junior Hurling                      Tipperary   v   Naomh Padraig
3:20pm:      Senior Mens Football         Boru-Celts   v    YISB
July 30th — No Games due to CYC
Sunday August 6th:   Times TBD
Junior Ladies Football:
Clan na Gael   v  Fog City
Junior Mens Football:
Boru-Celts   v   Eire Og
Junior Hurling:
Na Fianna  v  St. Josephs
Senior Mens Football:
Sean Treacys    v   YISB
Boru-Celts   v   Ulster
Senior Hurling:
Na Fianna   v   Naomh Padraig
Saturday\Sunday August 12th\13th:    Day and Times TBD
Junior Ladies:
Fog City  v   Clan na Gael
Senior Hurling
Senior Football
Junior B Football
Junior A Football — Semifinal 1
Junior A Football — Semifinal 2
Junior Hurling — Semifinal 1
Junior Hurling — Semifinal 2
Sunday August 20th:  Times TBD
Ladies Final
Senior Hurling Final
Senior Football Final
Junior A Football Final
Junior B Football Final
Junior Hurling Final