Dedication in the Southeast USGAA

by May 9, 2017Division News, USGAA News0 comments

This map gives amazing perspective on the #1 challenge facing the growing divisions in the United States…. managing a division that has a footprint five times larger than Ireland itself.

This map also gives amazing perspective on the level of dedication that our players and coaches have, and their endless love for these games.

The Coastal Virginia GAA is sending three teams to the Music City Hurling Invitational in Nashville this weekend.

Two teams from Hampton Roads Hurling Club and a team from COVA Camogie – Team CnamB will travel out to compete with friends at Nashville Gaelic Athletic Club and teams from around the region.

For comparison here’s Ireland overlaid on the drive. That’s a little over five times the distance from Galway City to Croke Park.

Dedicated folks!