Heartland Division


The Heartland Division of the USGAA includes clubs within the states of Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin. Current active member clubs are the Fox River Hurling Club, Indianapolis GAA, Kansas City GAC, Hurling Club of Madison, Miltown Gaels, Milwaukee Hurling Club, Naperville Hurling Club, St. Louis GAC, Twin Cities GFC, Tulsa GAC, and Robert Emmets Hurling.

The Heartland Division was established in 2016 to provide administrative support to our member clubs so it is easier and more affordable to start, run and grow clubs playing the games of Camogie, Hurling, Men’s Gaelic Football and Women’s Gaelic Football.

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The following clubs are part of the USGAA Heartland Division. For more information about any of the clubs, use the contact info provided below, or contact the Heartland Division Secretary via email – use the button at the bottom of the page.

Fox River Hurling Club

A coed hurling club based out of Appleton, Wisconsin, drawing membership from the greater Fox River area from Oshkosh to Green Bay.

Kansas City GAC

Gaelic Football and Hurling club located in Kansas City. The Wolfhounds won Jr D Football Finals in 2016

Miltown Gaels

Ladies and mens gaelic football club based in Milwaukee.

Naperville Hurling Club

Hurling club based in Naperville, IL for both men and women.

Twin Cities GFC

Gaelic football club based in Twin Cities, also known as the Lakelanders.

Indianapolis GAA

Mens and women’s hurling and gaelic football club based in Indianapolis, IN with an active youth program.

Hurling Club of Madison

Mens hurling and both mens and ladies gaelic football club based in Madison, WI.

Milwaukee Hurling Club

One of the largest hurling clubs in America, MHC is a coed club with more than 350 adult and youth members.

St. Louis Gaelic Athletic Club

Mens and ladies gaelic football and hurling club based in St. Louis, MO. The club runs a city league as well as travel teams.

Robert Emmets Hurling

Ladies and mens hurling club based in Twin Cities.

Tulsa GAC

Gaelic Football and Hurling in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

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