Northwest Division


The Northwest Division of the USGAA includes clubs within the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. Current active member clubs are the Seattle Gaels (hurling, camogie, men’s and ladies football), the Tacoma Rangers (hurling and men’s football), Columbia Red Branch Hurling, Portland Eireannach (men’s football), the Willamette Valley Nomads Hurling Club, the Thomas Meagher Hurling Club and Butte Wolfe Tones Hurling Club.

The Northwest Division is both a small division (six affiliate clubs and 11 teams) and a large one Рcovering a geographical area of more than 400,000 square miles. The recent addition of the Missoula Montana based Thomas Meagher Hurling Club has greatly expanded the reach of this division. In 2016 the Northwest for the first time hosted the USGAA Finals Рthe annual championship tournament for Gaelic Games. Two Northwest teams (the Seattle Gaels hurling and camogie) took home national championships in their respective grades.

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The following clubs are part of the USGAA Northwest Division. For more information about any of the clubs, use the contact info provided below, or contact the Northwest Division Secretary via email – listed at the bottom of the page.

Butte Wolfe Tones Hurling

Hurling club in Butte, Montana.

Columbia Red Branch

Columbia Red Branch is an Irish Athletic Club in Portland, Oregon.

Portland Eireannach

Men’s Gaelic Football club in Portland, OR.

Seattle Gaels

Hurling, Men’s and Ladies Gaelic Football and Camogie in the Greater Seattle area.

Tacoma Rangers

Gaelic Football and Hurling in the Tacoma, WA and South Puget Sound area.

Thomas Meagher Hurling

Hurling club in the heart of Missoula, MT.

Willamette Hurling Club

Hurling club in Willamette Valley, Oregon

Willamette Valley Nomads Hurling Club

A hurling club based in Eugene, Oregon.

Contact the Northwest Division Secretary using the form below.

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