(Update 9:09 p.m.) Updated Schedule for USGAA Finals

by Aug 31, 2017Camogie, Finals, Gaelic Football, Hurling, Ladies Football

The updated schedule is here for the USGAA Finals 2017 in San Francisco. Excitement is building at Marriott Marquis Hotel in downtown San Francisco where all 100+ teams are staying. As people check in to their rooms there is a nervous energy in the lobby. Athletes eye each other up and wonder if they will face off this weekend.

Update (9:09 p.m.):

Check out the schedule for the weekends games right here: 2017 USGAA Finals — FridaySaturday Schedule-Version 083117b

Clubs have travelled from all over the country and the USGAA has even invited the wildlings from beyond the wall to take part in the competition. That’s Canada for those of you that don’t watch Game of Thrones.

If you are in town for the championships as a player, supporter or volunteer stay safe and enjoy the weekend. Competition will be fierce and there will be winners and losers. Either way clubs go on and form the basis of communities all over the country so this is a celebration no matter the result.

San Francisco is going to feel an earthquake this weekend, one of epic proportions, as USGAA members from all over the country paint the town red, white and blue in celebration of our games.