Midwest win all American tournament

by Apr 29, 2017Men's Football, Tournaments

Midwest come out on top at local All American tournament.

Another fantastic All American tournament held in Philadelphia this past weekend. It was a delight to see so many young Americans playing Gaelic football at such a high standard in this Divisional tournament. With both the USGAA representative teams Philadelphia and Midwest having over 20 players on each panel, shows the strength that each division has at this level. Its a testament to those working in development and ensuring high quality games for our elite players within each division. The development of our young players is important and the opportunity to represent their division is a privilege – which was echoed by Midwest captain Ryan Dowd in his speech as he collected the winning trophy.

The results of the tournament were:

Philadelphia 17 New York 12

New York 12 Midwest 19

Midwest 20 Philadelphia 10