The essential role, responsibility and privilege of the team of match officials is to apply the rules in order to create the conditions for our games to be played well. Below are resources that will be of help to any official in the USGAA.

GAA Match Officials Resources

The referee and his fellow match officials are entrusted with a weighty role – to apply the rules of our games. Here you can get a wealth of information about all aspects of officiating GAA games.

Referee Handbook

This “Referee Handbook” is aimed at helping GAA Referees by giving them an outline and understanding of the main areas of refereeing. It is designed to explain and simplify the Playing Rules with a focus on practical application.

Rules and Regulations

Here you will find not only the GAA Official Guide, but also Regulations of the USGAA, and the latest Disciplinary Handbook – all essential information for any referee or match official.