USGAA and Guinness Announce New Partnership

by Apr 28, 2018USGAA News

USGAA is pleased to announce a partnership with Guinness beginning in 2018. It is the start of an association that both USGAA and Guinness feel fits well into the mission and goals of each organization. Founded in 1759, the Guinness is a brand synonymous with Ireland going back 250 years. Gaelic games go back hundreds, if not thousands of years, and each organization is focused on growing in the United States.

“We are delighted to partner with Guinness in our mission to continue to grow Gaelic sports in the United States” said USGAA chairperson Gareth Fitzsimons. “Both Gaelic sports and the Guinness brand are instantly recognizable as being associated with Ireland and an Irish experience, and to team up with such a quality brand is a great fit for us” continued Fitzsimons.

“Our heritage and our culture are so important to all of us at Guinness, especially given that our roots in Ireland go back more than 250 years, so we couldn’t be happier to team up with an organization like the USGAA,” said Guinness Brand Director, Emma Giles. “Being part of the post-game celebrations in the pub or at home is incredibly rewarding, we are very proud as an Irish brewer who has found a second home in the States to help further the legacy of Gaelic Games over here.”