USGAA Newsletter: July 2022

2022 Continental Youth Championships were underway in Chicago

One of the greatest annual celebrations of Gaelic Games in the world, the Continental Youth Championships (CYC), took place in Gaelic Park, Chicago. It started on Thursday, July 28th, and culminated on Sunday, July 31st.

Around 1,400 children aged from U-7 to U-18 and from more than 20 clubs across North America competed in what has become a real rite of passage for young footballers, hurlers, and camógs.

The CYC began back in 2004 and its location moves around various cities from year to year.

What makes the CYC such a special event is its family ethos. It’s not just the teams of players from all across the continent that descend on the host city for the tournament, they’re enthusiastically supported by family members who plan their holidays around the event.

The Covid 19 pandemic meant the CYC didn’t take place in 2020 or 2021, so this year’s event means more than ever for those involved.

CYC Board Chair, Paul Mulcaire, a native of Kilrush in Clare but living in Buffalo, New York since 1986, and is the man tasked with ensuring what’s a serious logistical challenge runs smoothly.

“The CYC is a big part of our families vacation each year, they all look forward to this week every year,” he told “In my time with CYC and USGAA Youth Chairperson I have seen U8s years ago who are now playing Junior and Senior in NY and USGAA.

“That is pure development and why we need CYC. With CYC cancelled for 2 years, we are so happy to see the growth in clubs with U7 to U11 because these are kids and parents that have never been to CYC.

“So hearing the compliments from them is nice to see they are all having fun. We could not do this without sponsorship from O’Neills and the support and grants from Croke Park. The host City of Chicago is putting on a world class event for us.”

USGAA Finals in Gaelic Park, Chicago

USGAA Finals head to Gaelic Park, Chicago from August 19th to 21st, 2022. It is slated to be the largest USGAA Finals yet with about 120 teams scheduled to play over 3 days.

This year we will be honoring the following Gaels for all their efforts with the GAA:

Mickey Cavanaugh – Senior Ladies

William Garvey – Senior Camogie

Sean Gannon – Intermediate Hurling

Stephen and Jason Breen – Junior C Football. 

Check out for all updates from the host committee in Chicago!

Tach plays in Croke Park

Tach plays in Croke Park is the first pre-schooler (4 years plus) book about Tach, published by The Wadi Tribe Publishing House. This is a series which focuses on key social and emotional learning values that a child can face at a young age.
Tackling BIG emotions for kids through entertainment is the best form of education. Tach is an adorable wee little turtle that kids can learn from through edutainment!
Tach was originally featured in a book for 6yrs plus, titled Tach and the Cosanthor. Based on its success and the demand to write for a younger age group, Tach plays in Croke Park was conceptualized. Why Croke Park? Where else would Tach play his first ever historic match? Croke Park is part of the cultural fabric of Irish games and of course it is the biggest stadium in the world where the ancient warrior sport of hurling is played!
The response to Tach the hurler has been strong, with fans calling themselves The Wadians, who are the best fans in the world.

Tach plays in Croke Park is:
  • A casebound hardcover book;
  • Aimed at kids aged 4 years and above;
  • Is 8.5 x 8.5 inches in size and the inner pages are laminated for all those little messy hands!

Tach and his friends are playing for The Wadi Tribe, the first match ever in Croke Park against the mighty Grogochs!
The Croke Park stadium is full with a huge crowd. Everyone is waiting to watch the big game, which promises to be a great clash of the ash!
The trouble is, the Wadi Tribe are much smaller than the Grogochs. Can Tach find a way past his fear, or is the Wadi Tribe doomed to failure?

North’s first LGBTQ Inclusive GAA Club gains more than 50 members in six weeks

Claire Simpson of the Irish news reports, “The first LGBTQ Inclusive GAA club in Northern Ireland has gained more than 50 members just weeks after it was set up. Aeracha Uladh was set up in late April by Martin Murray, a drag artist who performs under the name Danu Variant. “We have 53 people at the minute,” he said. “We have around 20 to 25 regularly showing up to training sessions. “We’ve gone up to two training sessions a week now. “It’s now Saturdays and Tuesdays. “I’m very happy with it.” The club trains at Cardinal O’Donnell’s GAC on Whiterock Road in west Belfast.

“They also put up a Pride flag to welcome us,” he said. “We have different coaches from different teams to come down and help us on Saturdays. “The Tuesdays are more of a social kick-about.” Mr Murray said the majority of members had never played Gaelic games before. The club now has a formal committee and aims to play some friendly matches, including against East Belfast GAA. Mr Murray said the club is keen to attract more female members. “We’d like to reach 15 members just so we can have a constant team,” he said. Mr Murray helped organise the north’s first LGBTQ sports day at the Ulster University campus in Jordanstown on Saturday. “In terms of Ireland, we came up with an idea to do one in each province,” he said. “There was an open day in Cork a few months ago but this was the first event we’ve organised where there are sports activities.” Mr Murray said the day allowed people to try out sports including Gaelic football, soccer, rugby, polercise, skateboarding and longboarding. “Originally it was supposed to be a recruitment day for the GAA, football and rugby teams but I got chatting to other organisations and they were happy to jump in,” he said.

For further information on Aeracha Uladh, visit the club’s Instagram via

Attention Youth Clubs- Sign up for Liberty Bell and CYC today!

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        • September 24, 2022
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        • October 22, 2022
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        • November 5, 2022
    • CYC, Chicago
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      • August 19-21, 2022
    • USGAA 2022 Convention, Chicago
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